Bold Bolkovac blowing the whistle on sex trafficking

A late blog today as we’ve been busy preparing for the launch of The Whistleblower book which is being hosted at Amnesty's headquarters in east London tomorrow.

It's a gripping read which exposes how some private military contractors and officers from the UN and US State department were involved in human trafficking during the Bosnia War in 2002.

Author of the book, Kathryn Bolkovac was one of the few who dared to speak out about these abuses, and she’ll be sharing more about her findings at tomorrow’s event where she’ll be interviewed by investigative journalist Sue Lloyd Roberts.  Sue also produced a documentary on this very issue for BBC’s Correspondent at the time as well, so it should make for an interesting discussion.

The Guardian featured an extract of her book over the weekend, while The Independent on Sunday trailed the launch of the book by drawing attention to the film based on the book which is set to take the screens later this year and which will star Rachel Weisz.

It’s exciting to see just how much attention The Whistleblower has been given even before its official UK launch and great to see that so much public attention has been given to the story of a woman who was brave enough to speak about these atrocities at the risk of losing her job and arguably a whole lot more. 

The Whistleblower is definitely a must-read for 2011.

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