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Blog by Bibi - free at last

The papers have been full of news of Kenny Richeys return to the UK.  Kenny, who has spent 20 years on death row in the American state of Ohio after he was dubiously convicted for starting a fire that killed his ex-girlfriends two year old in 1986, returned home to Edinburgh last night after securing a retrial and then agreeing to a plead no contest to lesser charges.


Amnesty opposes the death penalty, in all circumstances and has welcomed Kennys release following a 10 year campaign.


Amnesty has fought tirelessly for Kennys and this proves that perseverance and determination can succeed in even the most adverse circumstances. Lets hope Kenny can make up for all those lost years and get on with the rest of his life as a free man.


Other news and an important date for the diary; Amnesty will be hosting a demo outside the US embassy tonight and tomorrow as part of a global action day to mark the sixth anniversary of Guantanamo Bay and to demand its closure.


The release of the three British detainees Omar Deghayes, Jamil el Banna and Abdennour Sameur was widely reported in the media over Christmas and a huge positive step but we must continue campaigning for the others who remain in detention without access to a fair trial and are routinely subjected to horrific torture. We must continue to put pressure on the US government to close the camp, so come along and show your support for a very worthy cause.


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