Actions speak louder than words

Amnesty supporters demonstrating in solidarity with peaceful protestors in BurmaI’m contentedly biting into a delightful Belgian praline as I write this as I’ve just returned from the lovely town of Ghent in Belgium where I attended a conference for Amnesty press staff across the EU. Nothing works quite like Belgian chocolates really.

The conference was great. It was fab getting to know Amnesty staff from across the EU, and so invigorating to hear about the amazing work they do in their respective countries. Also being with my colleagues from Poland, Sweden and Spain to name a few reminded me about the impact that Amnesty as an international movement can make. And this was demonstrated last week as Amnesty sections around the world hit the airwaves and took to the streets to campaign against the crackdown in Burma (pictured).

Although we’re not on the streets today, the situation in Burma is still concerning.

Thousands of heavily armed soldiers are still patrolling the streets in Burma and Amnesty has today called for the UN Security Council to impose an immediate UN arms embargo on Burma. The UN has to apply more pressure on the Burmese authorities and imposing an immediate arms embargo is one clear way to do this. You can add your voice here.

Another issue in the news is the killing of the 10 AU peacekeepers in Darfur over the weekend. In spite of the upcoming peace talks in Libya at the end of this month, and the agreement for a strengthened UN-AU peacekeeping force, the killings are still going on and the situation for the people of Darfur is still pretty disastrous. Talks are all well and good but appropriate action has to be taken. And fast. Four years of this conflict is four years too long.

Well I’d better sign off now. But as I do, I’ll have to reach for another praline.

Til the next time.

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