HELP, Daniel Eley.


Daniel Eley, a young man from England who works with street children in Colombia, suffered an accident there on New Year's Day, 1st Jan, 2010, which has left him with serious spinal injuries.

Dan is in hospital in Colombia and has had an operation to stabilise his spine and prevent further damage but his family need to urgently raise £90,000 to get him back to the UK.

I met Dan while I was working in Guatemala in September 2006 with a photographer and spent a day with him on the streets of Guatemala City where he helped homeless children. Guatemala City is virtually lawless and his efforts with the human rights charity Casa Alianza came at great risk to his own life. I found Dan to be a kind, gracious young man who supports human rights.

The HELP DAN APPEAL has been launched to raise the funds for this (under the auspices of the charity Casa Alianza). Please help us raise the funds for an air ambulance to transport Dan back to England.

You can donate at 

Street Children Charity – Casa Alianza UK

Casa Alianza works with Street Children and Homeless Young People and defends children's human rights in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Mexico.


Thanks for your time.

 Billy Briggs. 

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