Crimes against humanity

For years, Iranian inside and outside the country have been trying to collect enough evidence to present to the International Court of Human rights so that the Court  considers the crimes committed by the Iranian regime as crimes against humanity. The list of crimes goes back to the begining of the establishment of the Islamic regime in 1979 and throughout the 1980s, especially the systematic mass killings of thousands of prisoners in 1988 and the so-called ´´chain-killings´´ of 1990s and the recent atrocities of post-presidential elections.

On 28 August 2009, a group of Iranians gathered at the International Criminal Court in the Hague, where executive members of the Committee Against Execution and Stoning had a press conference and then met up with the Court authorities and presented their dossier and urges the Court to consider the atrocities by the Islamic regime as crimes against humanity. The representative of the Counrt promised to look at the evidence and send a file number to the committee members. 

This is good news and we would like to thank those who spent years to collect evidence of the crimes that were committed against the Iranian people.

To contact the committee members please email:


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