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Drinking tea, selling books, running marathons - our Everyday Heroes

Welcome to our latest blog – Everyday Heroes!

I’m Jess, and I work our Community Fundraising team. This means I have the privilege to share my time with all the awesome Amnesty supporters who run marathons, drink tea, climb mountains, host events, jump out of planes and generally do pretty fantastic things all in aid of Amnesty’s work.

Amnesty simply wouldn't exist without them, and we call them our Everyday Heroes. You’ll get to meet a few of them on here, and maybe be inspired to join them.  

There will be a few regular voices on this blog – there’s Anna, the queen of all things tea. Charlie, our outdoor adventurer who when isn’t hanging out with Amnesty’s youth supporters can be found swimming in ice-cold lakes. Then there’s Laura, she’s the woman you need to talk to if you’re interested in joining Team Amnesty, and lastly there’s Yvonne who is the brains behind the whole operation. 

That’s us, we’re the Community Fundraising team here at Amnesty. Say hello! We’d love to hear from you and share with you our inspirations for coming into the office every morning.

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