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Tell David Cameron – refugees are welcome

Update 7 September: Due to the huge amount of public pressure, the Prime Minister has bowed to pressure and agreed to accept 20,000 more Syrian refugees over the next five years. This is a step forward but does nothing to help the thousands of people in makeshift camps across Europe.

Please keep up the pressure – it's crucial we show him that refugees are welcome.

The harrowing images of a young Syrian boy who drowned on the shores of Turkey are the most tragic consequences of the world’s biggest refugee crisis – the worst since World War II.

With Syria in flames and much of the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa in extreme turmoil, it is our duty to help people caught up in these crises.

For months, UK and European leaders have turned a deaf ear to repeated warnings that the sea was turning into a graveyard. The result of their indifference has been devastating.

Now, we’re facing the biggest test of our humanity in decades – and so far, the UK government is failing on every level. Fences, razor wire and police dogs are not the solution.

Take action: Show the Prime Minister that the people of Britain want to welcome more refugees.

David Cameron and his government must show some humanity – it’s time for the UK to accept its fair share of people fleeing war and persecution. We can only solve this crisis with co-operation and solidarity across Europe.

What we need you to do:

1. Write ‘Refugees welcome’ on a piece of paper

2. Take a selfie with your sign

3. Tweet your photo tagging in @David_Cameron and #refugeeswelcome. Or post it on David Cameron's Facebook page

#refugeeswelcome, that's what we think @David_Cameron. Up to you to respond w/ courage & humanity the crisis demands

— Naomi Westland (@NaomiWestland) September 3, 2015

So heartened by growing backlash against Govt's cruel & immoral position, as more & more people say #refugeeswelcome

— Caroline Lucas (@CarolineLucas) September 2, 2015

I want no part in what @David_Cameron says #refugeeswelcome

— Helen Crevel (@helencrevel) September 3, 2015

Feeling camera shy?

Tweet the Prime Minister without the photo but make sure you include #refugeeswelcome and @David_Cameron. Here's a suggested message:

Prime Minister @David_Cameron please show some humanity - we must help those seeking safety #refugeeswelcome

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