Amnesty's Digital Product Roadmap

When we launched the new in November 2013 we knew it would never be truly finished. The old cycle of building a website leaving it for five years and building another one had been smashed.

This site represents a constantly evolving platform. Every part of the website from the CMS, hosting environment, design and content is always being tweaked, enhanced, updated and experimented with to meet the evolving needs of our users and the organisation.

Since launch we have released nearly 300 tweaks and enhancements. But what we needed was a plan for big pieces the big pieces of functionality and content that we wanted to bring to the site. And that plan need to be as agile as the site itself.

Working with Adrian Gans we re-imagined our approach to planning and what we came up with was the Amnesty Digital Product Roadmap.

Amnesty Digital Product Roadmap

The Digital Product Roadmap features individual products, sorted into four lanes and prioritised into three time categories, Next, Now and Later. Two products from each lane are worked on simultaneously and as one product is moved into done another product from the lane is moved from Next to Now.

Look at this presentation for more details of how it works:

The roadmap itself is installed on a giant glass board on the wall so anyone in the building can come and view it.

Having a physical version of it also helps us use it. It is a daily reminder of what we are doing and makes it easy as a group  to huddle round and prioritise or discuss products.

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