What happens further after plasma supplier in the UK has been controlled by the Chinese company

Plasma supplier in the UK now controlled by the Chinese company would be endangering the life and health whoever uses the NHS service. The history in the blood scandal in the UK has shown the relationship problem between the public and private sectors and thlack of prompt transparency and effective accountability.

The root cause of the plasma economy in China is the CCP's monopoly on power and CCP (Chinese Communist Party)'s development model. All the officials who hatched a plan to develop a plasma economy nerve held to account, many of them (A typical example is Li Keqiang) have been promoted. The Chinese development model is to strengthen the party-state empire both domestically and internationally, undermine the democratic principles and change international human rights into its own version, to favour state sovereignty and development over human rights and environmental issue.

What happens further after plasma supplier in the UK has been controlled by the Chinese company supervised by the CCP?





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