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Today in History: Hunger Strike2

Some three thousand students joined the second day of the hungerstrike. In addition, more than 10 thousand onlookers appeared on theSquare. At 2.30 am, Li Tieying, member of the Politburo; Yan Mingfu,member of the Central Secretariat, and Chen Xitong, Mayor of Beijingwent to visit the hunger strikers at the Square. The officials urgedthe students to stop their hunger strike and protest during theSino-Soviet summit the next day. Apparently, the government officialsagreed to a dialogue with the students. More than 10 hunger strikersfainted in the heat and were taken to hospital.A dialogue was held between student representatives and governmentofficials at 4pm. The government representatives were led by YanMingfu, Li Tieying and Chen Xitong. At the meeting, student demanded arepeal of the "April 26th Editorial", a fair reappraisal of the studentmovement, and live TV broadcast of the dialogue. The demands wererejected, and the talks eventually broke down. Twelve prominent intellectuals, including Yan Jiaqi, Su Xiaokang, LiZehou and Dai Qing, urged the students to leave the square, but theircall was rejected. US Secretary of State James Baker made a public statement praisingChinese leaders for their tolerant attitude towards studentdemonstrations.

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