Today in 1989: motorcyclists solidarity with students

Hundreds of motorcyclists, calling themselves the "Flying Tigers," circulated the city outskirts as scouts and information carriers. Truck and bus drivers parked their vehicles in front of the military convoys since the Martial Law. Dozens of motorcyclists, drivers and member of Independent Worker organisation had been arrested secretly.


#89june4 25年前的今天(5月27日):当局在北京实施戒严后,主要由北京个体户自发组成的“飞虎队”,驾驶数百辆摩托车,汽车司机也与之呼应,在城区街道及天安门广场行驶,传递消息,运送学生,鼓舞士气。20日后当局开始秘密逮捕他们。


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