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Three Fujian Digital Activists Convicted as Thousands Gather in Landmark Protest

(ChineseHuman Rights Defenders- April 16, 2010) Fujianactivists Fan Yanqiong (范燕琼),Wu Huaying (吴华英),and You Jingyou (游精佑)were convicted of "slander" today forposting articles and video online urging government officials toinvestigatethe alleged rape and murder of a young woman. Fan, who is seriouslyill, wassentenced to two years in prison, while Wu and You were both sentencedto oneyear. Fan and Wu said they will appeal their sentences, while You isconsidering the option.  The MaweiDistrict Court in Fuzhou City handed down the verdict as thousands ofprotestors gathered outside the courthouse and countless othersfollowed theproceedings online.


Three Fujian Digital Activists jailed in China over internet campaign for justice


ThreeFujian Digital Activists Convicted as Thousands Gather in LandmarkProtest 





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