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Suppression Ramps Up Before Party Congress; Activist Zhu Jindi Missing for Almost 2 Months

China Human Rights Briefing
October 25, 2012

Enforced Disappearance

 Harassment of Activists

Enforced Disappearance
Shanghai Petitioner-Activist Out of Contact for Nearly Two Months
Zhu Jindi (朱金娣), a petitioner and activist from Shanghai, has been missing for nearly two months in another case of enforced disappearance, which is increasingly being used by authorities as a method to punish and silence individuals active in rights defense. On August 24, security personnel from her hometown seized Zhu in Beijing as she was petitioning at the Supreme People’s Court. She was forcibly returned to Shanghai the next day and locked up in a black jail, where she was monitored around the clock by a half-dozen guards. Two local officials came to see Zhu in the black jail and tried to intimidate her by saying that her petitioning activities were unlawful. On August 28, Zhu reportedly went on a hunger strike and removed her clothes in desperate protest over her treatment, and two days later fell out of contact. Zhu, who began petitioning after her home was forcibly demolished in 2004, has also helped other petitioners who have lost their homes, and in retaliation has been detained and beaten by police on several occasions.[1]

Harassment of Activists
More Activists, Petitioners Seized in Crackdown Before Party Congress
Authorities continue to round up activists and petitioners in Beijing and elsewhere prior to the Party Congress, which is set to begin on November 8. CHRD sources suggest that such retaliatory acts may reflect quotas that Chinese police have been tasked to meet in order to “maintain security” before the important event. Below are among the most recent incidents of harassment that have been reported:

  • On October 24, national security officers seized Henan activist and netizen Liu Shasha (刘沙沙) from her Beijing residence and returned her to Zhengzhou. On the way to Henan, officers covered Liu’s head with a hood and beat her. Liu, who is reportedly being held by domestic security officers, has gone on a hunger strike to protest her treatment.[2]


  • Police officers seized Hubei petitioner and activist Zheng Dajing (郑大靖) on October 24 from his rental property in Beijing without giving any explanation to his family. A short time later, officers returned to the residence and confiscated a computer. Zheng’s current whereabouts are unknown.[3]    


  • Also on October 24, Shanghai police detained farmers Cao Yuyan (曹玉燕) and Luo Xiuli (罗秀丽), who unsuccessfully tried—for the 69th time—to apply for permission to hold a demonstration about land seizures. The two farmers’ whereabouts are currently unknown.[4]


  • On October 25, Shanghai police summoned internet writer Li Huaping (李化平) for questioning for “disrupting social order.” The day before, Li had sent a text message to friends indicating he might be in trouble. Li recently returned from a 17-month trip around China, which included visits to locations of well-known human rights cases.[5]


  • On October 25, Beijing police detained activist Wu Tianli (吴田丽) for “disrupting the order of a neighborhood committee office” in likely retaliation for her recent demand that the case she filed alleging abuse of power by local police in the run-up to the Party Congress be accepted by the court. Out of contact at the time of writing, Wu was taken into custody after she discussed the unlawful forced demolition of her parents’ home with staff at the neighborhood committee office, and just before she was to take the matter to the local letters and visits bureau.[6]

Edited by Victor Clemens and Joan Wen

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