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Saturday 4th June: 22nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

A day of action in London: flash mob in Trafalgar Square,Jeremy Corbyn MP to speak out on human rights in Chinatown, vigil at ChineseEmbassy


Twenty-two years on from the Tiananmen Square massacre,human rights defenders in China are facing increasing harassment andcurtailment of freedoms. A day of action is being held in London to rememberthose who stood up for their beliefs in Tiananmen Square in 1989 and those whoare currently detained and imprisoned for speaking out for human rights.


The afternoon begins with a flash-mob in Trafalgar Squarewhere human rights activists and members of London's Chinese community willhold a flash-mob in front of Nelson's Column at the foot of the steps leadingto the National Gallery. The names of the 185 identified victims of theTiananmen Square massacre and those still imprisoned for their part in the 1989protests will be displayed and held up during a two-minute silence ofremembrance. 


By exercising the right to make a political statement inBritain's national square, the flash-mob will pay tribute to those who losttheir lives and their liberty protesting in China's national square, as well asproviding a powerful reminder of the political oppression in China today -where any mention of the Tiananmen massacre can lead to imprisonment.


Later in the afternoon at the Newport Place Pagoda,Chinatown, survivors of the Tiananmen Square massacre and Jeremy Corbyn MP willbe speaking about the 1989 protests in China and China's current crackdown onhuman rights defenders.


Details of actions:


Flash-mob: 2:00pm-2:05pm Trafalgar Square (by steps leadingto the National Gallery) | Facebook event: | Twitter#TSqFlashmob & #Tiananmen22


Information stand and speeches: 2:30pm-5:00pm China Town(Newport Place Pagoda). Speeches at 3pm, including Tiananmen survivors andJeremy Corbyn MP


Candle-lit Vigil: 7:30pm-10:00pm Chinese Embassy (PortlandPlace)


For more information please contact Paul Golding on 07984799 958


Available for Interview


Shao Jiang, Tiananmen Massacre Survivor: 07961 948 852


Xia Ze, Friends of Tiananmen Mothers/Relative of TiananmenMassacre Victim: 07828 447 701


Lucy Jin, Federation for a Democratic China (UK): 07906 541710


Stepehn Ng, Chinese Democracy Activist:  07789 037 370


Events are jointly organised by the UK Committee toCommemorate 4th June Massacre and Chinese, Uighur & Tibetan Solidarity UK


Contact: Paul Golding 020 7272 1414; email

c/o Tibet Society, Unit 9, 139 Fonthill Road, London N4 3HF

Facebook group:

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