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Remembrance of 1989 Beijing Massacre  

Twenty-twoyears ago, the Chinese Communist Party cracked down the pro-democracy proteststhat began in April 1989 around the country. Over a thousand peacefulprotesters lost their lives and tens of thousand were put into jail. We arehere today to remember the victims of the massacre and express our solidaritywith Tiananmen Mothers and all prisoners of conscience who have foughtfor freedom, human rights, and democracy under the rule of the ChineseCommunist Party.


Todaythe Chinese regime continues to quash dissentsand suppress basic civil rights such as freedom of speech,freedom of press and freedom of association and assembly, and freedom ofreligion in the name of building up a harmonious society. The authorities have grabbed farmland, destroyed grassland and environment and forced evictions,leaving people dead almost every day in the name of development that onlybenefits the CCP interest groups. Such development is also in the cost of thebenefits of the future generations.


SinceFebruary the CCP started another round of severe clampdown on humanrights activists. Lawyers, writers and artists including Ai Weiwei have beendetained, arrested, or ‘disappeared’. In Tibet, over three dozens of protestershave been detained since March. Outside the Kirti Monastery, protesters werekilled by the police.


Weare here today, to remember the June Fourth victims, and also to show oursolidarity with those who are still fighting for freedom and justice. For us,they are today’s tank men. They have carried on the courage of the man whostood up in front of the tanks 22 years ago. This determination and persistenceis our hope. This allows us to believe that human dignity and justice willprevail in every corner.

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