Police Take Action Against Citizens on Human Rights Day; Uyghur Student Demands Explanation Over Denied Passport

China Human Rights Briefing
December 14-18, 2012

Harassment of Activists
    •    Police Take Action Against Citizens Appealing for Justice on Human Rights Day
Equal Rights
    •    Uyghur Student Demands Explanation After Passport Denied

Harassment of Activists
Police Take Action Against Citizens Appealing for Justice on Human Rights Day 
Chinese citizens marked Human Rights Day on December 10 by protesting rights violations and calling for social justice in multiple locations in the country. Several thousand petitioners who tried to lodge grievances in Beijing, particularly around the UN Development Programme Office and other international agencies, were swept up and held in the temporary detention facility at Jiujingzhuang. The facility became so overcrowded that some seized petitioners were refused entry. At Zhongnanhai, the compound for central Party leaders, petitioners were dragged away after calling for public disclosure of information about the implementation of China’s second “Human Rights Action Plan.” 
In Zhejiang Province, dozens of Wuxi City petitioners rallied, carrying banners that described illegal home demolitions as well as violations that befell the victims. Shenzhen activists gathered to call for better rights protections, while petitioners in Shanghai protested the arbitrary detention and persecution of local human rights defenders. In one of the largest reported incidents, more than 100 petitioners in the Fuzhou City square protested black jail detentions and called for abolition of Re-education through Labor, but the gathering was broken up by police and thugs. Online, activists pushed for the country’s new leaders to protect human rights and release political prisoners—sentiments echoed by CHRD in its statement issued in conjunction with Human Rights Day.[1]

Visit CHRD’s website to view a gallery of images of citizens who expressed grievances and appealed for better rights protections on Human Rights Day.
Equal Rights
Uyghur Student Demands Explanation After Passport Denied 
A Uyghur student recently posted a message on her microblog about being denied a passport and demanding that authorities provide an explanation, according to Uyghur Online, a website tracking news about ethnic Uyghers in China. The student (screen name: uyghuray, or 维吾尔丫), who attends university in Beijing, said on December 10 that authorities had rejected her passport application without providing any reason. Suggesting that Han Chinese can very quickly obtain a passport, she noted that authorities had send her application to Xinjiang for review—even though her legal residence is Beijing—and that her family had been questioned by officials about her plan to go abroad. The student said that she went to the Beijing Exit-Entry Administration Bureau on December 13 with a copy of China’s “Passport Law” and demanded a written explanation for the rejection. An official promised to review the application again.[2]
Edited by Victor Clemens and Ann Song

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