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Open Letter to the Cambridge Shoe-Thrower

Dear Cambridge shoe-throwerI am a Tiananmen Massacre survivor, who protested when Wen Jiabao visited London and Cambridge. I want to let you know that what you have done has greatly encouraged people in China to fight for freedom, democracy and human rights. Although the official media in China initially tried to block the news, Chinese netizens immediately spread it out. The CCP regime is now attempting to distort the news by spreading the rumour that you have personally apologized to the Chinese government, though Chinese netizens have questioned the credibility of this rumour. I firmly believe that when you threw the shoe at the Chinese dictator, you were exercising the freedom of expression on behalf of those who have never had the chance to express their despair. We cannot agree more when you made your famous speech: ‘How can the university prostitute itself with this dictator? How can you listen to the lies he’s telling!’Many Chinese bloggers have been irritated when they heard that Gordon Brown and the Cambridge authority have both apologized to the Communist regime. By kowtowing to the CCP butcher, they are inviting themselves to the bloody banquet held by the Chinese dictator.A solider fighting for freedom needs never apologize to the dictator. The only mission of such a fighter is to help the oppressed people achieve freedom. If anyone has the chance to get in touch with the shoe thrower, please pass on this open letter. Hats off!Shao Jiang

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