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A Message to HU Jintao

Dear Mr HU Jintao,

My name is SHAO Jiang. I am Chineseand have for many years lived in exile after I was forced to flee from mainlandChina due to my role in helping to organise peaceful protests calling forpolitical reform at Tiananmen Square in 1989.

This week you will participate in aG20 Summit meeting in France. Your attendance at such a meeting is indicative ofthe important role played by China in world affairs. That role confers on thePR China (PRC) important obligations, including respect for UniversalDeclaration of Human Rights, ICCPR and ICESCR. However the Chinese CommunistParty regime fails to respect such human rights Covenants of even its owncitizens. It isunsurprising that the 2009 BBC poll of people around the globe found that theworld takes an increasingly negative view of China as its flagrant human rightsabuses are routinely reported

Nowhere is the damage done by yourregime in tarnishing China’s reputation more obvious than in Tibet where thesecurity forces and army that you command continue to trample routinely on theTibetan people’s most basic rights. The protests that swept through Tibet in2008 were put down brutally and with deadly force. And since January 2009 tensof thousands of additional Chinese troops have been deployed into Tibet whichis under a state of de facto martial law. Since this February, several peacefulTibetan protesters were killed; hundreds of Tibetan monks have so far beenforced disappearance; and  ten Tibetans have set themselves on fire in protest against the ongoing repression.

As you begin to think about yourlegacy as P R China’s leader, you have an historic opportunity to demonstratereal statesmanship this week by acknowledging occupation of Tibet and thefailure of the PRC policies in Tibet and by announcing your intention to takesteps that will lead to a lasting and sustainable settlement to the Tibetanissue and Chinese issue. During sixty-two years’ Chinese Communist Party (CCP)rule, there is no free, fair, and transparent national election in PR China andtens of millions of people have been killed by the CCP. Therefore, the PRC hasno authority or credibility to represent the people. In addition, the PR Chinahas supported authoritarian regimes for six decades to oppress their people sothat millions of people have been killed. You must ask for forgiveness for whathas been done to the people in the world (especially including the people underthe rule of the PRC, Koreans, Cambodians, Bangladeshi, Burmese, Zimbabweans,people in Darfur, Syrians) by you and PRC. To bring about real peace andstability in Tibet, China and other areas, I am urging you to:

  • Respect the right to peaceful protests in Tibet, Lift martial law immediately;
  • Supply a list of the names and location of more than1,000 Tibetans who disappeared, and presumably detained, following the 2008 protests
  • Release all prisoners of conscience immediately; legalise opposition parties and cancel the media ban, implement fair, free and open elections at all levels of leaders and citizen representatives by learning from Tibetan exile government and Republic of China,
  • Agree to the immediate resumption of substantive talks between the Chinese Government and envoys of Tibetan exile government;
  • Grant permission for an independent inquiry into the reported deaths of at least 219 peacefully protesting and unarmed Tibetans, many of whom were shot by Chinese security personnel, during the spring protests in 2008 and the subsequent detention of over 6,700 Tibetans; Grant permission for an independent inquiry into the 1989 Beijing Massacre and the 2009 Urumqi Bloodshed.
  • Respect the right to the self-determination of the Tibetan people, Respect the right to the self-determination of the people in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  • Declare that the PRC will immediately leave in the United Nations because it does not represent the people under its illegal rule. An empty seat in UN will be ready for the regularly and fairly elected government in mainland China.  The mainland China will re-join as a general membership in UN, purposing a motion for abolishing the UN Security Council permanent member vote process.

    Sooner or later your decision will be judged by the people as well as by the history.

Thank you.


Note: This message has been translated into English from theChinese original. In case of any discrepancies, the Chinese original is thefinal and formal message.



中文 (InChinese)

胡锦涛先生, 你好





现在是你考虑作为中华人民共和国领导人留下何种遗产的时候了。本周你有一个历史机会,表现出真正政治家的素质,承认中华人民共和国已经非法占领图博62年和在图博的殖民政策彻底失败。由于中共62年在中国大陆统治期间没有举行过一次公开和公正选举国家公民代表或国家领导人的全民选举,因此你必须宣布中共在中国大陆统治非法。由于中共的暴政直接导致数千万人死亡,同时中华人民共和国政府支持世界各地的专制政权导致数百万人死亡, 你必须向全世界(特别是向中共非法统治区和中华人民共和国占领区、北韩、柬埔寨、孟加拉、缅甸、 达尔富尔、津巴布韦、叙利亚)人民谢罪和请求宽恕。你还应宣布采取以下步骤,解决图博和中国等地区的问题,带来真正的和平与稳定。为此,我敦促你和中共立刻实施以下7点:


  • 尊重在图博和平抗议示威的权利,取消对图博实行的事实上戒严。
  • 自2008年图博抗议以来,超过1000名图博人仍被关押,请提供关押人的姓名和关押地点。
  • 立即释放中共统治地区的所有良心犯,向西藏流亡政府和中华民国学习民主,开放党禁和取消媒体禁令,实施公平、公开定期直接选举各级领导人和公民代表。
  • 恢复中华人民共和国政府和西藏流亡民选政府特使的接触,并开始实质性谈判。
  • 允许独立调查机构进入图博,调查2008年春季,至少219名手无寸铁的示威者被杀害,和随后6700多名图博人先后受到关押的事实, 以及今年在藏区的人权侵犯案例。同时允许独立调查机构调查1989年北京屠杀和2009年乌鲁木齐血案。
  • 尊重图博人民的自决权,尊重香港和台湾人民的自决权。
  • 由于中华人民共和国在联合国不能代表其非法统治下的人民, 立即宣布中华人民共和国退出联合国。 中国大陆席位将留给未来民选政府,未来中国大陆将以一般会员加入, 届时将提议取消安理会常任理事国一票否决权制度。







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