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London Remembers the 30th Anniversary of the 1989 Beijing June 4 Massacre

On Tuesday the 4rd of June, 8pm-10pm, aorund 250 people including many young people gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in London to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Beijing June 4 Massacre, showing solidarity with Tiananmen Mothers.

Participants highlighted the ongoing and worsening human rights violations in China, Tibet, Uighur and Hong Kong.

Artists in London recounted ten stories of peaceful protesters and unarmed civilians who were killed at streets, inside Tiananmen and at home.

With every year that passes, achieving justice becomes even more difficult for family members of the thousands who were killed, injured or imprisoned in Beijing and across China – but it is essential for us always to stand together and keep fighting for justice, for them and for us all.

Remembrance is resistance. ‘Tank Man’ who showed us the hope and dignity of humanity, whose spirit keeps inspiring us in our struggles ahead.


London remembers #June4 Massacre, showing solidarity with Tiananmen Mothers and recounting stories of the victims. Encouraged to see so many young people attending. 伦敦铭记 #六四屠杀,声援天安门母亲,悼念罹难者。很多年轻人出席,令人鼓舞。#Tiananmen30


【六四倫敦直擊】逾百人大使館外悼亡魂 異見作家馬建:為保記憶

London: Streets around Chinese Embassy 'renamed' Tiananmen

The vigil event announcement

Tiananmen 30th Anniversary Events in London and Oxford








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