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Torture and other Ill-treatment under the Chinese Communist Party rule

The Chinese Noble Laureate for Peace Liu Xiaobo(刘晓波) has been sentenced to eleven years' imprisonment, in his 8th year in prison he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer.

Prisoners of conscience have deliberately been tortured by the Chinese Communist Party which has been thwarting accountability and transparency. The international community should hold basic human rights as the top priority.

  1. Ensure unconditional release of Mr Liu from imprisonment so that he and his wife Liu Xia can resume normal contacts with the outside world;
  2. Guarantee Mr Liu has freedom to choose where and how he seeks medical treatment;
  3. Guarantee Mr Liu has rights to be visited by and to communicate with his relatives and friends, and to receive humanitarian assistance from the outside world;
  4. Disclose in full Mr Liu’s medical record during imprisonment and investigate thoroughly the cause of deterioration of his health so that those who are responsible for a delay in offering him timely medical treatment will be held accountable;
  5. Release all other prisoners of conscience including Ilham Tohti;
  6. Ensure full, independent and impartial investigation into all cases of abuse and deaths in detention, including  Wen Jie (温杰),Hu Jian(胡践), (Nie minzhi) 聂敏之 Duan Huimin (段惠民), Chen Xiaoming (陈小明), Xue Jinbo (薛锦波), Li Hong (力宏, a.k.a. Zhang Jianhong), Nurmemet Yasin, Li  Wangyang (李旺阳), Cao Shunli (曹顺利), Wang Rongqing (王荣清), Shi Enxiang (師恩祥), Su Zhimin, Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, Lobsang Yeshi, Zhang Liumao (张六毛) and Peng Ming (彭明)

More: Urgent Appeal to Unconditional Release of Liu Xiaobo,

The first four demands are cited: “Urgent Appeal to Unconditional Release of Liu Xiaobo”,


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