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Human rights activists remember Tiananmen in central London

On the 22nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre the coalition group Chinese, Uighur & Tibetan Solidarity UK, of which Tibet Society is a founding member, organised a series of events in London to remember the victims and renew the call for freedom and democracy for all people living under the current regime in China.Events began on Saturday 4 June with a flash mob in Trafalgar Square where the names of all 185 identified victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre were held up in silence. In addition, the names of the five people known to still be in prison for their participation in the student-led protests of 1989 were displayed.Following the flash mob activists and supporters gathered in Chinatown to listen to speeches by Jeremy Corbyn MP and survivors of the massacre.Jeremy Corbyn paid tribute to those who had lost their lives in pursuitof freedom and democracy. He said "We must now support those in China who are standing up for their beliefs and rights. Progress and freedoms come from respecting others, not at the expense of human rights.”Tiananmen survivor, Shao Jiang, reminded those gathered that, “Twenty-two years ago, the Chinese Communist Party cracked down the pro-democracy protests that began in April 1989 around the country… Today, the Chinese regime continues to quash dissents and suppress basiccivil rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom ofassociation and assembly, and freedom of religion in the name of building up a harmonious society.” (See more)

Furtherspeakers drew attention to the current situation in China, that people are being detained for expressing their political views and that 22 years after Tiananmen Chinese people still have no political freedom.

Leaflets in Chinese and English were handed out to passers-by. In the evening a vigil was held outside the Chinese Embassy. The names of all the identified victims were read out and their names held up by participants in remembrance.Demonstrations marking the anniversary were held around the world including North America, other EU countries such as France, Germany, Holland and Belgium, Australia, Japan and Taiwan (Republic of China). In Hong Kong 150,000 people gathered for a candle-lit vigil.


Trafalgar Square Two-minute Silence of Remembrance of June4th Massacre by citizen Journalists

June 4th Vigil for the 22nd Anniversary of 1989 BeijingMassacre by citizen Journalists

 China Town in London by NTDTV


Kanzhongguo Site, orginal source from AP

 David Mbiyu: Kirk:

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Epoch Times: Chinese Regime Under Pressure on June 4, Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary (5 June)With photo of London demonstration. Video – Demonstrators remember Tiananmen in Hong Kong & Taiwan (5 June) Tiananmen: Thousands in Hong Kong mark crackdown (4 June)

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Global Remembrance of June Fourth in Chinese


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