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Hold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a Universal Standard of Protecting Human Rights

To: EU Parliament, UK government, USA government, International Olympic Committee

Over a hundred lawyers and activists in China have been detained, disappeared or questioned from 10 July. Seven of them have formally and criminally been detained. Below is the link: partial list of detained or interrogated lawyers & activists.


In Chinese:


Since Xi Jinping came to power, over a thousand activists have been imprisoned for peaceful exercise of their rights to freedom of assembly, expression and association. In recent years, almost every of those jailed have suffered ill treatment. Only in 2014, at least 5 prisoners of conscience died in custody or died immediately after they were released. On 12 July 2015, senior Tibetan Monk Tenzin Delek Rinpoche died in prison.  Another Tibetan prisoner of conscience Lobsang Yeshi dies of torture in the late July 2015.


More: Human Rights Issues in East Turkestan Tibet China…


Solidarity with human rights lawyers and activists in East Turkestan Tibet China is not only to defend their rights but also to hold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a universal standard of protecting human rights around the world, to affect the fate of Human Rights Acts in UK.


Take action:

  1. Calling for the EU Parliament, the UK government and the USA government to CANNEL Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to European Union including the UK, to urge EU Parliament and the UK government to investigate the crimes against humanity under the Chinese Communist Party rule. Xi’s visit and other Chinese leaders’ visit to the EU and the UK this year 2015 and 2016 should be cancelled, and all official exchanges with the Chinese government should be suspended until all prisoners of conscience are released.


  1. Calling for the International Olympic Committee Not to reward the Winter Olympics in Beijing

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