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Enough! Global Intervention Now TO SAVE TIBETAN LIVES! by SFT

On 17 Oct, a 20 year old nun named Tenzin Wangmo of Ngaba,eastern Tibet,

became the 9th Tibetan to self-immolate this year in protestagainst China's

repression. She died on the scene. On Saturday, teenagerNorbu Damdul also set

himself ablaze. As he did so he called for 'completeindependence for Tibet'.

And on Sunday, Tibetans in Kardze raised a large Tibetanflag on a state

security building; Chinese troops opened fire and shot twoTibetans, their

condition are unknown.


Tibetans are rising up.

They're saying enough of the oppression, enough of theviolence, enough of the Chinese occupation.

And they need our help.


We're asking you to rise up alongside Tibetans in Tibet.

We're asking you to show you've had enough too.


Here are the ways you can help Tibetans rise up right now,when they need us:


You can share the petition on Facebook or just forward thisemail to friends.


-Write to your MP

Just tap in your postcode at and it'lllist 'Your Member of

Parliament'. Click on their name and fill out the form,telling them 9 Tibetans

have self-immolated to protest against repression in Tibetthis year and, as

your MP, should tell David Cameron to raise the issue at theG20 meeting.

That's all you need to say; your MP has an obligation torespond to you.


-Come to the march this Saturday 22nd October


It starts at 11am at the Chinese Embassy and ends at DowningStreet; bring as

many people as you can.


-Save the date: 2nd November

It's the global day of action for Tibet – make sure yourdiary is free for


Tibetans in Tibet are in pain. Read a poem written by ablogger inside Tibet

titled "Mourning" expressing this pain:


Tibetans in Tibet are leading this movement now.

They've had enough.


If you've had enough too, take some of the actions abovethis week, and if you

can't decide which to take, take them all. Stand up withTibetans in Tibet now!


The time for doubt is over.

The time for oppression is over.

The time to RISE UP is here!


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