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Commemoration of the 42th anniversary of Lin Zhao's death

Several human rights activists were detained due to theircommemoration of the 42th anniversary of Lin Zhao's death.

Lin Zhao, born in 1932, was executed on April 29, 1968. Shewas labeled as a“rightist” during the Anti-Rightist Campaignof the Chinese Communist Party in 1957 after she made remarks publiclysupporting activists whopracticed freedom of expression in Beijing University. Later she co-initiatedseveral unofficial organizations and wrote articles for unofficialpublications. In 1960, Lin Zhao was first arrested in Suzhou for being chargedwith a counter-revolutionary and later was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.During her sentence, she opposed torture and wrote poems with her own blood. In1968, a friend of her family witnessed Lin being executed. She, with her handshandcuffed at back and a gag in her mouth, was seen being driven to an airport,dragged out of a military jeep, made to kneel down and then shot twice. Herbody was put into another jeep and driven away. Lin’s remains were never givento her family, nor were they informed of how they had been disposed of.


A Past Written in Blood


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 China: The 42thanniversary of Lin Zhao's death

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