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China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  February 23-28, 2011


  • Pressure on Activists Intensifies; Six Criminal Detentions Confirmed: Police continued to clamp down on human rights defenders across the country in response to another round of anonymous calls for “Jasmine Revolution” protests this week. CHRD has now confirmed six reports of individuals being criminally detained on “endangering state security” charges, including “subversion of state power” and “inciting subversion of state power,” as well as one report of an individual being administratively detained and one arbitrarily detained in a psychiatric institution.
  • Baihutou Villagers Put on Trial in Beihai City: Baihutou village head Xu Kun (许坤) and two fellow villagers detained after resisting forced evictions in their seaside community were tried on February 28 for “operating an illegal business” and “obstructing official business.” Scores of supporters gathered outside the courthouse, where clashes with police and at least one injury to an elderly woman were reported. The hearing ended without a verdict.


 Updates onDetentions and DisappearancesRelated to “Jasmine Revolution” ProtestsPolice across thecountry remained active this pastweek as another call for “Jasmine Revolution” protestscirculated online. SinceFebruary 19, CHRD has confirmed reports of over 100activists and dissidentswho have been harassed, interrogated, placed understrict surveillance or “softdetention,” or otherwise had their movementsrestricted. In the past week, CHRDhas confirmed the criminaldetentions of Ran Yunfei (冉云飞) and Ding Mao (丁矛), ofSichuan Province; Hua Chunhui (华春晖), of JiangsuProvince; aswell as Liang Haiyi (梁海怡) and Zheng Chuangtian(郑创添), of GuangdongProvince. Together with CHRD’searlier report regarding the detention of Sichuanactivist Chen Wei (陈卫), a total of sixactivists have been criminallydetained in relation to the online call for protests.At least oneindividual has been administrativelydetained and one is known to have been detained in apsychiatric institution.One lawyer was attacked and beaten and at least 11activists and dissidentshave had their homes searched and propertyconfiscated. For CHRD’s statement onthe ongoing crackdown, please click here.Additional cases are included below:Guangdong ActivistZheng ChuangtianCriminally Detained for “Inciting Subversion”Human rights activistZheng Chuangtian (郑创添)was criminally detained for "inciting subversion ofstate power" bypolice in Huilai County, Jieyang City, GuangdongProvince on February 26.Officers also searched Zheng's home; it is not knownwhat, if anything, theyconfiscated. Further details regarding Zheng's caseare not currentlyavailable. To date, Zheng is the sixth individualknown to have been criminallydetained in relation to the online calls for "JasmineRevolution"protests. (CHRD)[i]AnhuiActivists Targeted by Police: Qian Jin Held inPsychiatric Hospital, ZhangLin’s Home SearchedCHRD previouslyreported that Anhui Province-basedpro-democracy activist Qian Jin (钱进)was seized by National Security police in Bangbu Cityon February 25. OnFebruary 26, a group of police officers escorted Qianto his home, where theyconfiscated his computer. They then led Qian away onceagain, and he has notbeen seen since. On February 28, fellow activistslearned from Qian's sisterthat Qian has been detained in Nanjing City's HuaiyuanPsychiatric Hospital.(CHRD)[ii]Additionally, CHRDcontinues to collect reports ofAnhui-based activists being harassed and questioned bythe authorities. OnFebruary 26, police interrogated activist Zhang Lin (张林) and his wife FangCao (方草);Zhang was held overnight. Officers later searched thecouple's home,confiscating three computers. (CHRD)[iii]Beijing DissidentLi Hai Once AgainMissingOn the morning ofFebruary 25, democracy and humanrights activist Li Hai (李海)was taken away from his home outside Beijing by localpolice. He returned homelate that evening, but was warned not to leave hishome, go online, or attemptto contact anyone. On February 26, Li sent a messageto friends alerting themthat he was being guarded by three men, and that if heturned his cell phoneoff it meant that there was trouble. Shortly afterthree o'clock in theafternoon, CHRD attempted to contact Li but found thathis phone was alreadyoff. CHRD believes that he has been taken away bypolice; however, furtherinformation is currently unavailable. (CHRD)[iv]Police SearchShandong Home of RetiredProfessor Sun Wenguang, Summon Him for QuestioningOn February 26, policearrived at the home ofretired Shandong University professor Sun Wenguang (孙文广). After searching theresidence,officers confiscated a computer and a 100-pagemanuscript draft belonging Sun.They then took Sun in to a local police station forapproximately seven hoursof questioning. He was released that evening. (CHRD)[v]Additionally:

  •  Zhou Zhirong (周志荣): On February 24, rights activist Zhou Zhirong (周志荣), of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, went missing after traveling to Huaihua City, Hunan, to meet with a former classmate. His whereabouts are unknown. A local Huaihua activist, Li Jianjun (黎建军) was reportedly questioned about Zhou's visit during four hours of interrogation that afternoon by local National Security officials.
  • Gu Chuan (古川): Friends and relatives remain concerned about Beijing intellectual and activist Gu Chuan (古川), who has been missing since February 19. Gu's wife Li Xin'ai (李昕艾) has been left alone to care for the couple's two children, a 21 month-old son and a four year-old son; the younger son has been diagnosed with gastroenteritis and may need to be hospitalized if his condition does not improve.

ArbitraryDetentionHundreds ofPetitioners Rounded up inBeijing Ahead of Government MeetingsSince February 25,police in Beijing have beensystematically rounding up petitioners to prevent anydisturbances during the"Two Meetings" of the National People's Congress andthe NationalCommittee of the Chinese People's PoliticalConsultative Conference. On themorning of February 27 alone, CHRD learned that closeto 200 individuals,including veteran Hubei petitioner Zheng Dajing (郑大靖), had been seized bypolice and takento Jiujingzhuang, a central black jail. Jiangsupetitioner Hao Xiuxia (郝秀侠)reported that she and more than a dozen fellowpetitioners were taken toJiujingzhuang on February 25. Her current whereaboutsare unknown. Mostpetitioners taken to Jiujingzhung are then turned overto interceptors fromtheir hometowns and forcibly returned home, often todetention.[vi]Additionally, manyveteran activists and dissidents,and their families, are facing increased restrictionsas the “Two Meetings”approach. For example, CHRD recently learned that,since February 26, Jin Yan (金焰),wife of imprisoned Hunan human rights activst XieFulin (谢福林),has been under 24-hour surveillance and monitoring.(CHRD)[vii]Forced Evictionand DemolitionTrial Begins forBaihutou VillagersCharged with Crimes After Resisting ForcedEvictionsOn the morning ofFebruary 28, Baihutou village headXu Kun (许坤)was tried for “operating an illegal business” inBeihai City's Yinhai DistrictCourt. Fellow villagers and activists Gao Shifu (高世福) and Zhang Chunqiong(张春琼)were tried for "obstructing official business" at thesame hearing.Lawyer Teng Biao (滕彪),one of Xu Kun's attorneys, did not appear in court ashe has been missing forten days and is believed to be in police custody.Lawyers Zheng Jianwei (郑建伟),Peng Yongfeng (彭永峰)and Ma Xiaopeng (马小鹏)represented Xu, Gao, and Zhang. Approximately 30supporters were allowed intothe courtroom to observe the trial, while anotherhundred or so were barredfrom attending the hearing and waited outside, where anumber of clashes brokeout between villagers and security personnel.According to reports, one woman,one of Xu's aunts, was struck by a police officer. Thehearing ended without averdict.     Xu, Gao, and Zhanghave been detained since May2010. Zhang was released on bail to await trial onOctober 12, 2010 but takenback into detention on November 12. Altogether, eightvillagers have beendetained for their opposition to the land grab inBaihutou, including three whohave been sentenced to prison for “obstructingofficial business.” (CHRD)[viii]Freedom ofAssemblyPolice in HubeiBreak up House ChurchLegal Rights Workshop On February 23, policeand officials in-charge ofmanaging religious affairs in Zaoyang City, HubeiProvince, broke up a meetingof approximately 40 Christian house church members,taking all of the attendeesto a local police station. The group had convened themeeting to listen to atalk by a lawyer on defending the legal rights ofhouse churches. Reportedly,some of the church members were roughly handled bypolice, and some hadcomputers or other items confiscated. As of thatevening, all but two of thedetained Christians had been released. (CHRD)[ix]Harassment ofActivistsAnhui-basedDissidents Face Questioningfrom National Security Officers over “JasmineRevolution”Police around thecountry continue to harass andintimidate dissidents and activists in relation to the"JasmineRevolution" protests. On February 22, CHRD learnedthat dissident ShenLiangqing (沈良庆) was visited byNationalSecurity officers in Hefei City, Anhui Province for a"chat." Shenlearned from these officers that provincial-levelofficials had called for aunified campaign to question all Anhui dissidents, andindividuals such asZhang Lin (张林), in Bangbu City, andHou Wenbao (侯文豹), in Suzhou City, hadalready been visited. National Security officers alsotold Hefei dissident MaLiangang (马粮钢) they would be by totalk with him on the 23rd. (CHRD)[x] Editors: DavidSmalls and Lin Sang Follow us on Twitter:  @CHRDnetNewsupdates from CHRD [i]"GuangdongDissident Zheng Chuangtian Criminally Detained" (广东异议人士郑创天被刑事拘留),February 27, 2011,[ii]"BangbuDemocracy and Human Rights Activist Qian JinDetained in Nanjing PsychiatricInstitution" (蚌埠民主维权人士钱进被关进南京 军区精神病院),February 28, 2011,[iii]"SixBangbu Democracy Activists Suffer Pressure fromOfficials; Whereabouts of OneStill Unknown" (六名蚌埠民运人士遭打压,其中一 人迄今下落不明),February 27, 2011,[iv]"ZhangLin Taken Away by Police, Li Hai Once Again Missing"(张林被警方带走,李海再次失踪),February 26, 2011,[v]"SunWenguang, of Shandong, Returns Home; Duan Qixian, ofGuangxi, Placed under SoftDetention" (山东孙文广教授回家,广西端启宪 先生被软禁),February 26, 2011,[vi]"200Petitioners, Including Zheng Dajing, Detained atJiujingzhuang Black Jail"(郑大靖等200余名访民被关久敬庄黑监狱),February 27, 2011,,"Jiangsu Petitioner Hao Xiuxia and Others Seized,Detained in Jiujingzhuang"(江苏访民郝秀侠等人被抓往久敬庄 关押),February27, 2011,[vii]"AsTwo Meetings Approach, Xie Fulin's Wife FacesSurveillance and Monitoring"(两会来临,谢福林妻子遭全面监控),February 27, 2011,[viii]"Trial of Baihutou's Xu Kun Begins Today, BeihaiGovernment FightsImaginary Enemies" (北海许坤案今日开庭,北海政府草 木皆兵),February 28, 2011,[ix]"Authoritiesin Zaoyang, Hubei Break Up Christian Legal Activity"(湖北枣阳市当局冲击基督教法律学 习活动),February 23, 2011,[x]"InternetSpreads Chinese Jasmine Revolution, Hefei DissidentShen Liangqing and OthersCalled for 'Chats' with Police" (网传中国茉莉花革命,合肥异议人 士沈良庆等人遭警方“谈话”),February 23, 2011,

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