China Human Rights Briefing Weekly  April 13-19, 2011


  • Activist Ni Yulan Becomes Latest Victim of “Jasmine” Crackdown: CHRD learned this week that housing rights activist and former lawyer Ni Yulan (倪玉兰) has been criminally detained in Beijing for “creating a disturbance.” CHRD has now documented the criminal detention of 39 dissidents and activists as part of the current crackdown, launched by the government to suppress potential “Jasmine Revolution” protests. Another 18 individuals remain missing after being taken away by police. Some, such as human rights lawyer Teng Biao (滕彪) and activist and IT expert Gu Chuan (古川), have now been missing for two months.
  • Wuhan Dissident Li Tie Faces Decade in Prison as “Subversion” Trial Opens: Wuhan City activist and dissident Li Tie (李铁), arrested last fall on the charge of “subversion of state power,” was tried this week in Wuhan City Intermediate Court. Prosecutors asked the court for a ten-year sentence for Li; the hearing ended without a verdict. Li was represented in court by a police-appointed lawyer, as attorney Jin Guanghong (金光鸿), hired by Li’s family, disappeared shortly before the case.


 ArbitraryDetentionUpdateson Detentions and Disappearances Related to the“Jasmine Revolution” Crackdown

  • On April 19, Beijing-based human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong (江天勇) returned home after a two-month-long period of enforced disappearance. According to Jiang's wife, he appeared to be in decent health. That same day, lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan (刘晓原) posted a message on Twitter stating he had returned home as well. Liu went missing on April 14.[i]
  • CHRD learned on April 14 that Beijing-based activist Ni Yulan (倪玉兰) has been criminally detained for “creating a disturbance.” This is the third occasion on which Ni has been detained for an extended period of time by Beijing police, and her family has raised serious concerns about her health. As the result of repeated episodes of torture over the past decade, Ni cannot walk and suffers from an assortment of chronic medical issues including difficulty breathing, heart problems, and digestive trouble. During her most recent period of detention and imprisonment, from 2008-2010, Ni was beaten, subjected to cruel and inhumane punishment, and denied proper medical attention. CHRD learned on April 16 that Dong Jiqin (董继勤), Ni’s husband, has also been criminally detained in Beijing for "creating a disturbance." Dong was seized along with his wife on April 7.[ii]

The Chinese governmenthas criminally detained atotal of 39 individuals since anonymous calls for“Jasmine Revolution” protestsfirst appeared online in mid-February. As of April 19,five of the criminallydetained have been formally arrested, three have beensent to Re-educationthrough Labor (RTL) camps, 14 have been released (outof which nine have beenreleased on bail to await trial) while 17 remaindetained. A total of 18 otherlawyers, activists, and dissidents are currentlymissing.  For more informationon the individualsdetained and disappeared, please see: Dissident LiTie Tried for“Subversion of State Power”The first hearing inthe "subversion of statepower" case against dissident Li Tie (李铁)was held on the morning of April 18 in Wuhan CityIntermediate Court. Thehearing ended without a verdict. Prosecutors calledfor a 10-year sentence forLi and argued that evidence of his "crime" includeswriting articlesattacking the government, joining a number ofreactionary discussion sitesonline, and giving reactionary speeches duringmeetings with friends. Li wasrepresented in court by a lawyer appointed by localpublic security officials.He entered a plea of not guilty. Li's family hiredlawyer Jin Guanghong (金光鸿)to represent Li; however, Jin was never allowed bylocal officials to meet withhis client, and then went missing shortly before thetrial. Li was detained inSeptember of 2010 and formally arrested in November ofthat year. He haswritten extensively about democracy and constitutionalgovernment in onlinearticles, and has organized activities to honor thememory of Lin Zhao (林昭)annually since 2008. (CHRD)[iii]Whereabouts ofDetained Activist WeiQiang, Believed to Be in RTL Camp, Now UnclearOn April 13, theparents of young activist Wei Qiang(魏强)attempted to locate their son, who was believed to bedetained in the BaotaDistrict Re-education through Labor Camp in ShaanxiProvince's Yan'an City.However, when they arrived at the camp, they were toldWei "was notthere." The parents also visited the Yan'an CityPublic Security Bureau toask about Wei, but were told that developments in hiscase were currently"secret." It has been 50 days since Wei was criminallydetained inBeijing on suspicion of participating in an "illegaldemonstration."His parents, who were told by Beijing officials lastweek that Wei had beensent back to Yan'an, have yet to receive any formaldocumentation regarding hiswhereabouts. A friend has receipts from visits withWei on March 3 (atBeijing's Haidian District Detention Center) and March15 (at Beijing's NumberOne Detention Center), during which the friend gaveWei money for personalexpenses. (CHRD)[iv]Freedom ofAssemblyShanghaiPetitioner Seized afterSubmitting Application to ProtestOn the morning ofApril 18, Shanghai petitioner JinYuehua (金月花) was seized by policeand had her home searchedafter she and a group of more than 30 residents ofShanghai's Maqiao Townsubmitted an application to the Shanghai PublicSecurity Bureau (PSB) to hold ademonstration. As of the time of writing, she remainsin police detention buther exact whereabouts are unknown. Officersconfiscated a desktop computer, alaptop belonging to Jin's daughter, and other itemsfrom Jin’s home. Jin beganpetitioning 11 years ago after her home was demolishedwithout adequatecompensation. (CHRD)[v]Forced Evictionand DemolitionGuangxi FarmersArrested after Scuffleover Land RequisitionCHRD learned on April17 that Liu Guisheng (刘桂生)and Chen Xiaoqiong (陈小琼), a married couplefrom Quanzhou County, GuangxiProvince, have been arrested for "intentional injury"after resistingthe requisition of their land. They are currentlybeing held in the QuanzhouCounty Detention Center. Liu refused to sign anagreement consenting to therequisition of six mu (about one acre) of farmlandbelonging to his family, andon March 4, 2011, more than 100 local officials andworkers arrived at thecouple's home and began to dig up the family's field.After seeing a policeofficer push his wife to the ground and strike hiselderly mother, Liu came tohis family's defense and got into a scuffle with therequisition team. He andhis wife were criminally detained that day and laterformally arrested. Liu’snephew was also criminally detained but was laterreleased on bail to awaittrial; Liu’s brother was administratively detained for15 days. (CHRD)[vi]Elderly AnhuiResident Hospitalizedafter Violent Forced EvictionOn the morning ofApril 12, a group of more than 100workers, led by local Demolition and Relocation officestaff and UrbanInspection officers (chengguan) arrived at thehome of Li Shoufa (李守法),in Anhui Province's Beigang Village. Li, who is nearly70 years old, initiallyrefused to let the workers enter his home, but one ofthe Urban Inspectionofficers kicked in his door, which struck Liin the head and left himstunned and bleeding. Members of the demolition teamthen beat Li, knocking outtwo of his teeth. Li and his wife were dragged out oftheir home and theresidence was forcibly demolished; Li was hospitalizedand needed nine stitchesto close the gash on his forehead. Reportedly, Li'sfamily and local officialswere unable to come to an agreement on compensationfor the property prior tothis forced demolition, and negotiations in recentdays have yet to yield asatisfactory resolution. (CHRD)[vii]SevenDetained as Victims of Forced Evictions Protest inChangshaOn the morning ofApril 18, a group of approximately150 residents of Changsha City, Hunan Province, whohave been forcibly evictedfrom their homes gathered at the city governmentoffices to petition. Membersof the group, some of whom have waited years withoutproper compensation orreplacement housing, demonstrated outside of theoffices in hopes of gaining anaudience with the mayor. After a few hours, policedispersed the crowd andseized seven, taking them to the Jinxing Road policestation in Changsha'sYuelu District. As of the time of writing, theyremained in police custody.(CHRD)[viii]Editors: David Smalls and Lin Sang Follow us on Twitter:  @CHRDnetNewsupdates from CHRD[i]"Lawyer Jiang Tianyong Returns Home after Missingfor Two Months" (失 踪两个月的江天勇律师回到家中),April 19, 2011,[ii]“Activist Ni Yulan Becomes Latest Victim of‘Jasmine’ Crackdown,” April 14,2011,  and  "BeijingFemaleLawyer Ni Yulan and Husband Detained as a Pair" (北 京女律师倪玉兰夫妇双双被拘留(图)),April 16, 2011,[iii]"Trial Begins in Li Tie Case, Prosecutors ProposeSentence of 10Years" (李铁案开庭,检控方建议判刑10年),April 17, 2011,[iv]"Shaanxi Activist Wei Qiang 'Missing'" (陕西维权人士魏强“被失踪”),April 13, 2011,[v]"Shanghai Petitioner Jin Yuehua Applies to Protest,Police Search Home andTake Her Away" (上海访民金月花申请游行被警方带走并抄家), April18,2011,[vi]Two Farmers from Guilin Arrested for Opposing LandSeizure" (桂林两农民反征地被逮捕), April 18, 2011,[vii]"Another Violent Forced Eviction in Hefei, Anhui" (安徽合肥又发生强拆打伤人事件), April 16, 2011,[viii]"Victims of Forced Evictions in Hunan Petition atGovernment Offices inChangsha, are Seized" (湖南被拆迁户到长沙市政府请愿被抓),April 18, 2011,

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