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China Human Rights Briefing September 21-25, 2012

Arbitrary Detention
    •    Lawyer Yang Zaixin Released Into Bail After 15 Months in Detention Without Trial, Health Has Declined

Harassment of Activists
    •    Jiangxi Police Physically Abuse Activists Seeking Permits to Hold Rally

Special Notice
    •    CHRD Makes UN Submission on Behalf of Imprisoned Human Rights Lawyer Wang Yonghang

Arbitrary Detention
Lawyer Yang Zaixin Released Into Bail After 15 Months in Detention Without Trial, Health Has Declined
Guangxi human rights lawyer Yang Zaixin (杨在新) has been released into “bail awaiting trial” after being held on a charge of “suborning perjury” for more than 450 days, with his detention taking a serious toll on his health. Sent home on September 13 on bail terms that will last for one year, Yang has said that he has difficulty walking up stairs due to weakness in his legs, and that his emotional state has been deeply affected. Yang was initially detained in June of 2011, while serving on a legal defense team that submitted pre-trial evidence revealing that police had tortured defendants to extract confessions in a beating death case in Beihai City. In March 2012, Beihai authorities ordered Yang to be put under “residential surveillance” for six months instead of releasing him or approving his arrest, after already having sent his case back to police twice for further investigation. In violation of China’s Criminal Procedure Law, Yang did not serve “residential surveillance” at home, and his family members and others were blocked from visiting him during his lengthy detention.[1]
Harassment of Activists
Jiangxi Police Physically Abuse Activists Seeking Permits to Hold Rally
Jiangxi police held and beat two activists after the pair tried to submit an application to hold a rally, with authorities likely acting in retaliation for the activists’ exposing online of plainclothes police participation in anti-Japan rallies on previous days. On September 19, Liu Ping (刘萍) and Wei Zhongping (魏忠平) were seized when they turned in an application to police in Xinyi City. Liu and Wei were then subjected to brutal abuse and illegal treatment for more than 11 hours, including having their personal data recorded as if they were criminal suspects. In Liu’s case, she was strip-searched, beaten, kicked, and verbally abused. In 2011, the activists were prevented from running as independent candidates in local People’s Congress elections.[2]
Special Notice
CHRD Makes UN Submission on Behalf of Imprisoned Human Rights Lawyer Wang Yonghang

On September 20, CHRD submitted allegations of human rights violations to Special Procedures of the United Nations Human Rights Council on behalf of Wang Yonghang (王永航), a former lawyer and outspoken advocate for Falun Gong practitioners. Wang is serving a seven-year prison sentence in Liaoning Province. Detained in July 2009, Wang was tried that October on a charge of “using a cult to undermine implementation of the law” and sentenced the next month. During his detention, Wang has been repeatedly subjected to violent, inhumane treatment, and since early 2012 his situation has grown even worse, as he has been tortured and his health has seriously declined. While Wang was held in pre-trial detention, neither his lawyer nor family members were allowed to meet him, with police claiming the case involved “state secrets.” “Evidence” against Wang cited in the court’s decision included his conducting interviews with overseas media and writing and posting online various documents about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.[3]

Editors: Victor Clemens and Renee Xia

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[3] Submission to UN on Case of Wang Yonghang – September 20, 2012, CHRD

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