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Chen Kegui’s Case Sent to Prosecutors; Artists in Beijing Detained Over Anti-RTL Protest and more

Human Rights Briefing
October 11-17, 2012

Arbitrary Detention
    •    Chen Kegui’s Case Sent to Procuratorate, Father Seeks Information Disclosure on Home Invasion
    •    Artists in Beijing Detained After Calling for Abolition of RTL, Fellow Artist’s Release
    •    Li Tie’s Health Declining in Prison, Seeks Transfer to Be Closer to Family

Arbitrary Detention
Chen Kegui’s Case Sent to Procuratorate, Father Seeks Information Disclosure on Home Invasion

The case of Chen Kegui (陈可贵), the nephew of activist Chen Guangcheng (陈光诚), was recently transferred to a procuratorate in Shandong Province on the charge of “intentional injury,” and not the more serious charge of “intentional homicide” for which he was initially arrested. Authorities told Chen Kegui’s relatives about these developments when they went to the Linyi City People’s Procuratorate earlier this month to inquire about the status of his case. Chen was arrested in May after an altercation with Linyi authorities who invaded his family’s home following Chen Guangcheng’s escape from house arrest in April. Chen Kegui is currently detained in the Yinan County Detention Center, and police have prohibited both family members and lawyers retained by the family from visiting him. In related news, Chen Guangfu (陈光福), Chen Kegui’s father, filed a petition last month calling on authorities to publicly disclose the legal basis for, and other information about, the warrantless invasion and search of their home in April, in which he and his family members were assaulted and property was destroyed. Chen Guangfu himself was later seized and tortured by police.[1]

Artists in Beijing Detained After Calling for Abolition of RTL, Fellow Artist’s Release
Two artists were recently criminally detained in Beijing on suspicion of “gathering a crowd to disrupt the social order” after holding a public demonstration in which they called for the end to Re-education through Labor (RTL) and the release of a fellow artist sent to RTL. The Tibetan artist, Nyima ( Chinese  name: Kuang Laowu 邝老五) and Chinese artists Zhui Hun (追魂, aka Liu Jinxing [刘进兴]), were seized on September 26 after carrying a large banner with related slogans along a street in Tongzhou District. While echoing Chinese citizens’ growing public demands to abolish the RTL system, the artists are believed to have been specifically condemning the detention of Hua Yong (华涌), an artist sent to RTL after engaging in performance art near Tiananmen Square on this year’s June Fourth anniversary. On October 15, Guo Haiyue (郭海跃), Kuang’s lawyer, and Liang Xiaojun (梁小军), who is representing Zhui, went to the Tongzhou District Detention Center to try to meet with their clients, but guards turned them away, claiming that they had not received instructions from superiors allowing such visits. Zhui Hun’s wife was also taken into custody briefly in connection with the demonstration but was soon after released on bail.[2]   

Li Tie’s Health Declining in Prison, Seeks Transfer to Be Closer to Family
Hubei democracy activist Li Tie (李铁), serving a 10-year sentence for “subversion of state power,” is suffering from health problems, including loss of weight and high blood pressure, which was diagnosed this summer. Li is also reportedly feeling isolated and lonely because his place of incarceration is not close to his family in Wuhan. Currently detained at Huangzhou Prison, Li has repeatedly asked authorities to move him to a prison in Wuhan, about 50 miles away, in order to make family visits more convenient, but he has not received a reply. Authorities have only permitted his daughter and no other relatives to visit him, but she is unable to travel to Huangzhou as often as Li would like due to the distance. In addition, it has been reported that Li may have not appealed his lengthy sentence in part because justice bureau officials had supposedly promised him that he would be released after two or three years; however, it is also known that authorities blocked efforts made by Li’s family and lawyers to file an appeal immediately after he was sentenced (see CHRB’s submission to UN Special Procedures on his behalf).[3]
Edited by Victor Clemens and Joan Wen

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