Activists Protested Against China's AIDS Premier Visiting UK

On 17 June, 2014, around 300 activists campaigning for freedom, human rights and democracy.staged a colorful protest against lLi Keqiang near Downing Street, fighting for free Tibet, free Eastern Turkistan, free China.

6月17日10-14点约300活动人士在唐宁街10号附近,定点或游击抗议 #独裁者 #反人类罪犯 李克强

activists protested against Li Keqiang at mansion house from 10am to 1pm on 18 June.

6月18日10-14点活动人士在伦敦mansion house前定点抗议 #独裁者 #反人类罪犯 李克强

activists staged guerrilla protests against Li Keqiang at Parliament from 3.00-5.30pm on 18 June

6月18日下午3点-5点半活动人士在英国议会前,游击抗议并阻挡 #独裁者 #反人类罪犯 李克强的车队


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