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1989 Protester's Profiles: Liu Jianguo (刘建国) and Lai Bi (赖笔)

Liu Jianhua (刘建国) , salesman in the marketing department of the Great Wall Raincoat Company. At around 12 midnight on June 3, 1989, Liu was hit in the chest by a bullet at the entrance to Xidan. He was taken to Erlong Hospital, but efforts to save him did not succeed. His ashes are in the Taiziyu Public Cemetery in the Funan Section, row 7.

Lai Bi (赖笔), Student at Beijing Medical College, admitted in 1987 (Zhuang nationality)
At around 2:00 a.m. on June 4, 1989, Lai was shot at the intersection between west Chang'an Boulevard and Nanchang Road. The bullet entered his forehead and exited at the left side of the back of his head, and the entry wound was about 10mm in diameter. He was taken to the hospital attached to Beijing Medical College, but efforts to save his life were unsuccessful and he died around 6:00 a.m. The cause of death stated by Beijing Medical College was "accidental injury." His body was taken to Beijing Medical College, where a memorial service was held. His family came to collect his ashes and took them back to Yongning County, Guangxi.


#刘建国 北京长城风雨衣公司销售科科员,89.6.3.夜12点钟左右,在西单路口胸部中弹,送二龙路医院抢救,不治身亡,遗骨葬于太子峪公墓福南区第7排。

#赖笔 北京医科大学87级学生(壮族人)89.6.4.凌晨2时左右,于西长安街南长街口中弹身亡,子弹从前额射入,从后右脑穿出,口径约10厘米,送北京医科大学第一附属医院抢救无效,于晨6时死亡, 遇难时 21岁 pic.twitter.com/3WYfbo3gPs



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