1989 Participant's Profile: Wang Jianping (王建平) | Countdown for China | 16 May 2014 | Amnesty International UK

1989 Participant's Profile: Wang Jianping (王建平)

Wang Jianping (王建平),27 Truck worker in the southern suburbs at Beijing City Gas Company
On the night of June 3, 1989, Wang was shot in the left side of the chest at Xidan. His lung was badly damaged and he died in the Beijing Emergency Center in the early hours of June 4.

#八九六四  #八九六四二五  #89june4 #八九民主运动  王建平 北京市煤气公司南郊车队司机。89.6.3.夜,在西单路口左胸中弹,伤及肺,4日凌晨死于北京市急救中心。遇难时27岁。王遇难时留下一对孪生女,才八个多月。

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