1989 Participant's Profile: Lu Peng (吕鹏) | Countdown for China | 27 May 2014 | Amnesty International UK

1989 Participant's Profile: Lu Peng (吕鹏)

Lu Peng (吕鹏), third-grade pupil in Beijing Shunchenggen Primary School. At around midnight of June 3, 1989, Lu was shot in the chest by the martial law troops near the Fuxingmen overpass. He died instantly. His body was paraded on the back of an open car by the people,to protest against the CCP brutal killing.

#吕鹏 北京顺城根小学三年级学生,89.6.3.夜12时左右,在复兴门立交桥附近被戒严部队射中胸部,当场死亡,死亡时9岁。民众将遗体置于敞蓬车上游行,抗议中共暴行。

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