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1989 Participant's Profile: Li Wangyang (李旺阳)

Li Wangyang (李旺阳, 12 November 1950 – 6 June 2012) , worker in a glass factory in Shaoyang, Hunan, published a underground publication, set up a labour union during the Democracy Wall (1978-83). He co-organized the Workers Autonomous Federation  in Shaoyang during the 1989 Democracy Movement. Following his role in the Movement, he served twenty-two years in prison on charges of counterrevolutionary propaganda, incitement, and subversion.

On 6 June 2012, one year after his release from prison, and a few days after a television interview in which he continued to call for vindication of the Tiananmen Square protests, Li was found hanged in a hospital room. Shaoyang city authorities initially claimed suicide was the cause of death, but it was revised to 'accidental death' after the autopsy.


#李旺阳 邵阳玻璃厂工人,民主墙期间,参与创办《资江民报》并组织「工人互助会」。1989年5月下旬在邵阳组织工人自治会,公开组织六四死难者追悼会,被囚22年,2011年出狱后一直处于当局严密监控,2012年6月6日被发现离奇身亡 http://twitpic.com/e4pyam

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