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Stop RBS investing in slaughter – Updated


Some of you may have received an email from RBS in response to our campaign to call on UK banks to cease all investment in any company involved in the production of cluster bombs. We are just checking the details and scope of their new commitments now.

This looks to be good news, and would never have happened without the 10,000+ Amnesty supporters and RBS customers who took action. Together we sent a powerful message to RBS that their policy was inadequate and unacceptable. Thank you to everyone who took time to express their outrage at a UK bank financing companies involved in production of these vile and indiscriminate weapons. Further updates will follow when we know more details about RBS’s revised policy


In just a week, we’re half way to raising what we need to run a hard-hitting advertising campaign. A massive thank you to the hundreds of you who have given so far.

We know that Royal Bank of Scotland are feeling the pressure – it’s vital that we now get our ad campaign into print.

This is one of those campaigns where to succeed we have to be as noisy and annoying as possible. And, in the best possible way, you’ve been incredibly noisy and annoying.

98% of cluster bomb victims are civilians – 30% are children

Despite the UK being signed up to an international treaty banning cluster bombs, last year alone the Royal Bank of Scotland provided over $80million in funding to companies involved in their production. We want that to stop.

Donate now and let’s shame RBS publicly through our hard hitting ad campaign.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has so far donated. For the time being we have stopped taking donations. Watch out for a further update soon.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Cluster bombs are made up of many small bombs that spread far and wide, killing and maiming anyone in the area. That is why 98% of all cluster bomb victims are civilians.

In the video above Chris Atkins reports from Laos on the carnage they unleash on their victims. This is the reality of funding strategies that involve companies that produce cluster bombs.

Taxpayer money

Remember, RBS is over 80% owned by the taxpayer after it received a £20 billion bail out. Whether you bank with RBS or not, it is our money that is being used to fund companies that produce a weapons system that our own government has outlawed.

With your help we will shame RBS into withdrawing their deadly investments.

Your money will be spent on an advertising campaign to shame RBS. Any donations received beyond our target will be used for other arms trade campaigning.


Cluster Munition Coalition

We are part of the Cluster Munition Coalition, an international civil society campaign working to eradicate cluster munitions, prevent further casualties and put an end to the suffering they cause.

The coalition works through its members in around 100 countries to change the policy and practice of governments and organisations and raise awareness of the devastation cluster bombs cause.




Want to know more?

Download the report ‘Worldwide investment in Cluster Munitions: a shared responsibility – May 2011 update‘ by IKV Pax Christi (the Netherlands) and Netwerk Vlaanderen (Belgium) (pdf)

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