We drive, they starve

"We drive, they starve" say the opening words of this Telegraph article about the impact of using more bio-fuels.

In various countries the poor are finding it more difficult to afford their staple foods and there have been protests.

In the Guardian in December 2002 and again more recently (in an article I cannot find at the moment) George Monbiot made a point that meat-eaters will not want to hear.  This is that producing meat is wasteful and takes food from the poor.

19 April 2008:  This morning's Today programme on Radio 4 had a report by the international development correspondent.  In Haiti the food shortage has already brought down the government and there have been food riots in Egypt, Burkina Faso, Cameroun and Bangladesh.  Some of the causes and possible solutions were discussed.

Update, July 2008:  Gordon Brown has pointed out the need for less wastage of food but he did not address the wastefulness of producing meat.

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