Uzbek theatre keeps thinking alive

Ilkhom Theatre (In Uzbek the word Ilkhom means inspiration) is unlike the repressive state beyond its doors. The Swiss ambassador in Tashkent says that the theatre is the only place in Uzbekistan where thinking takes place. Mark Weil was the founder and director and he was murdered in September 2007 when on his way home from a rehearsal.  Natalia Antelava reported for BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents on the Uzbek theatre's acts of defiance which continue even after his murder.

What is it about countries of the former Soviet Union (maybe especially the ones in Central Asia) that can make their authorities so repressive?  See the blog titled From Belarus to Uzbekistan on this website for news about human rights in these places.  It is written by five Amnesty UK co-ordinators.  One of their entries is this one on the visit to the UK of the Free Theatre of Belarus – see too the comment from Meg who saw one of their performances.

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