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Faces and stories from the sharp end of climate change

The Guardian has a neatly presented mosaic of faces of people who are suffering already from climate change, in Cuba, Chad, India, Bangladesh and other countries.  Click on one of the faces to get the person's opinion.

At the talks in Copenhagen the poorer countries are showing more desire for effective action to control carbon emissions.  African nations are saying that the Kyoto Protocol should not be abandoned, since it is the world's only legally-binding instrument on controlling global warming.  I can understand the frustration of delegates from Africa and other poorer parts of the world.  If your source of food is not a supermarket but a lake that is drying up or a field where the rains fail, climate change is surely a serious human rights issue.  Listen to this audio report from John Vidal, the Guardian's environment editor.

Question:  Here is a quiz question for you – where is the world's largest store of ice apart from the two polar regions?  Many, many people in Asia depend on the rivers that originate from that ice so there is a clue.

Answer: The many thousands of glaciers in Tibet hold huge amounts of ice (although measuring it must be tricky) and the melting ice feeds major Asian rivers.  These rivers include the Indus, Brahmaputra, Mekong, Yellow and Yangtse.


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