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Australian PMs apology to aborigine people

Kevin Rudd has not been the Prime Minister of Australia for long and may not be familiar yet in Britain.  You may have seen pictures of him conventionally suited, a strange contrast with the aborigines in body paint.  At long last an Australian leader says that he apologises for the wrongs done to the "stolen generations" of aborigine people under previous governments.  Maybe we should be cautious and wait to see how the policies measure up? 

John Pilger has written in the book "A Secret Country" about the shocking way native Australians have been treated by white Australian society. 

Recently I was watching Ray Mears on television, describing the early explorations of inland Australia by Europeans.  A spokesman for aborigines said that he saw these explorations as the beginning of the end for his people. 

If you have seen the film Rabbit-Proof Fence then you will know of the crime of the removal of children from their families and from their culture. The film was based on the book "Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence" by Doris Pilkington Garimara.  

Thanks for the comment, blogmonster.  I agree that it is a really good film.  Try to see it on the big screen to feel the vast landscape of Australia and the amazing length of the walk.

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