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Belfast Telegraph says: don't miss Amnesty torture video

Well done to the Belfast Telegraph online for prominently featuring Amnesty's new cinema advert and viral video, The Stuff of Life, in it's 'Don't miss' section. The advert illustrates the torture technique that is 'waterboarding', as practised by the CIA and other torturers worldwide. We're billing it as 'the film the CIA doesn't want you to see' (they've been busy destroying videotaped records of their 'interrogations', apparently).

As far as I know, the advert had its UK cinema premiere in recent weeks in Belfast at the Belfast Film Festival, showing before a number of films with a human right theme with which Amnesty was associated. The ad is now going into screens in independent cinemas across Britain. Probably more important, however, is the potential for the video to be viewed online via YouTube and other channels, which is where the Belfast Telegraph – as one of Northern Ireland's most popular websites - is fulfilling such a useful service. It's not always easy to get local media outlests to cover international human rights stories, so it's good to acknowledge it when it happens.

See the Belfast Telegraph / Independent story here and watch the video via our unsubscribe campaign website.

UPDATE: it looks like the online community is going nuts for the viral version of this film. I hear that there have been over 200,000 visitors to in the past 3 days and over 25,000 have viewed the film on Youtube since it was posted two days ago, not to mention all those who have viewed it via newspaper and other websites …

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