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August 2015 (3)
Aug 14 2015 11:43AM
Women's rights at risk in Iran: learning about the reality at the Houses of Parliament

In May, human rights defender Narges Mohammadi was arrested in Iran. Though she has poor health and doctors have said that she is too ill to be in jail, she remains at Tehran’s Evin Prison. On 14 July, I joined rights activists and...

Aug 10 2015 3:50PM
Eritrea: bring back Ibrahim's mother

Ibrahim was born in the 1980s in 'The Field' – the part of Eritrea that had been 'liberated' by those fighting for the independence of the country, from the murderous regime of Mengistu Hailemariam, dictator of Ethiopia. Many young...

Aug 2 2015 8:32PM
A solitary hope?

Torture has written some of the bloodiest lines of history. The heretic’s fork, the Judas cradle and other medieval devices might be museum curios now, but Amnesty has evidence of torture in 141 countries during the last five years. It...