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July 2010 (6)
Jul 30 2010 12:37PM
The right to arrest those suspected of war crimes

A letter in the Guardian yesterday expresses the alarm of more than 40 signatories about Kenneth Clarke's proposed changes on the right to arrest war crime suspects. Those who have signed the letter include parliamentarians, trade...

Jul 25 2010 12:58PM
British girls suffer genital mutilation this summer

A shocking article in the Observer says that between 500 and 2000 British girls will endure the pain of genital mutilation this summer, either here or abroad.

Jul 16 2010 11:27AM
Syria: no progress seen in ten years says Human Rights Watch

The Syrian record on human rights has got no better in a decade, since Bashar as-Assad became president, says a report from Human Rights Watch. See Ian Black's article in the Guardian today.

Jul 15 2010 3:00PM
North Korea's crumbling health system

Amnesty International has issued a new report on the crumbling health system in North Korea. A Guardian article today says that the report paints a desperate picture of the health of the people.

Jul 14 2010 10:37AM
Letters, e-mails and petitions

Is it better to send thousands of e-mails, thousands of letters, or a petition with thousands of signatures? Are letters better than e-mails? Is it better to use your own words or to send a standard message or letter? What do you think...

Jul 10 2010 12:44PM
The hardships of those with disabled children

Many families with disabled children are struggling to pay the bills, according to this BBC report, based on a survey by a charity called "Contact a Family".