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April 2009 (6)
Apr 30 2009 12:58PM
Unreported World on Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea
You may have noticed that I write about a series on Channel Four, Unreported World . On Friday evening, 1 May 2009, Afghanistan: Waiting for the Taliban showed suicide bombings, shootings and kidnaps on the increase in the Afghan capit...
Apr 26 2009 10:57AM
Armed and dangerous and paid from your taxes!
Yesterday I was at a conference run by CAAT , Campaign Against the Arms Trade. It was an interactive conference and we had the chance to practise public speaking or to answer difficult questions in conversations. We found out more abou...
Apr 20 2009 11:25PM
Remembering Columbine
The Columbine High School tragedy of ten years ago is being remembered. Two students killed 12 classmates and a teacher. Others were injured. Ten years on have lessons been learned in the USA about lax gun laws? No, and so every so oft...
Apr 10 2009 11:28PM
Unreported World - Haiti
This evening's Unreported World on Channel Four was titled: Haiti, the island that ate itself . It is an island with interlinked poverty, environmental destruction and weak government. It is a vicious cycle seen in other places but the...
Apr 8 2009 3:59PM
Retrial on the killing of a rainforest activist
Dorothy Stang was an American nun and rainforest activist, one of many people murdered in Brazil for standing up for the rights of the poor and against the destruction of the Amazonian forest. As many as 1100 activists, small farmers,...
Apr 1 2009 10:24PM
Trouble in Belinga, Gabon
The Rainforest Foundation UK tells us of Trouble in Belinga , in Gabon in west-central Africa. Gabon has huge reserves of minerals and there is a project to mine iron ore of which there could be about one billion tonnes. The CMEC Corpo...