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February 2009 (4)
Feb 24 2009 12:49PM
Languages threatened around the world

UNESCO has produced an online guide to endangered languages. It shows that around 2 500 languages are under threat worldwide. See Words of Warning by Lizzy Davies in the Guardian on 20 Feb. 2009.

Feb 17 2009 9:59PM
Organisation in Russia challenging hate crime

SOVA (or in the Russian spelling COBA) is an organisation that reports on and challenges hate crime and ultra-nationalism. There are some pages in English on the SOVA website. You can also subscribe to weekly reports in the English...

Feb 17 2009 9:40PM
More civilians killed in Afghanistan

Afghan civilian casualty rate at highest since Taliban rule, the Guardian headline reads today. A UN report says that more civilians were killed in Afghanistan in 2008 that in 2007. The number of civilians killed by US, NATO and Afghan...

Feb 6 2009 11:41AM
Trying to hide the truth about Afghan civilian deaths

Colonel Owen McNally has been arrested and charged under the Official Secrets Act for giving information to a human rights worker in Afghanistan. Was that information about civilian casualties in Afghanistan? As Conor Foley writes in...