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December 2008 (4)
Dec 29 2008 1:23PM
Israel and Gaza

Israel has launched massive strikes against Gaza, leading to many deaths and injuries. Hospitals and other public services in Gaza were already struggling due to lack of supplies even before these latest attacks. An editorial in the...

Dec 29 2008 12:39PM
Poetry against the Vietnam War - Adrian Mitchell

Adrian Mitchell, 1932 – 2008, was a poet who aimed to make his poetry easy for people to read and understand. He came to public attention when he used poetry against the war in Vietnam and read his Tell me lies about Vietnam at a...

Dec 19 2008 5:01PM
Mexico - seven days in hell, Channel Four tonight

Unreported World on Channel Four tonight at 7:35 pm takes us to Mexico where killings related to drugs are rife. The Guardian on 22 December reported on the killing of eight soldiers whose bodies were found decapitated; the military is...

Dec 3 2008 8:28PM
Chinese democracy

Chinese democracy? Do those two words fit together? It is the title of an album by Guns N Roses. I cannot tell you much about the album but it has been a very long time in the making. A Guardian article says that a Chinese newspaper...