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May 2008 (6)
May 21 2008 9:11AM
Banning cluster bombs

Cluster bombs are being discussed in Dublin at an international conference. Mark Durkan of the SDLP has tabled a motion in the UK parliament. Amnesty welcomes Durkan's move . You can check who has signed the motion . This is an "Early...

May 20 2008 11:55PM
North Korea heading for a famine?

An article on Open Democracy predicts that North Korea could be heading for a famine . The authors also say that there was a severe famine there in the late 1990s that may have killed as many as one million people.

May 18 2008 1:41PM
Ethical arms trade?????

"Ethical Arms Trade?" is the title of an article in the New Statesman but I felt that it needed a few more question marks. The article by Andrew Feinstein is critical of BAE and of the report on its practices by the Woolf committee. He...

May 18 2008 1:15PM
China's earthquake disaster

The Chinese government do seem to be taking prompt and effective action for the victims of the earthquake. It is a contrast with the Burmese government's response so far to the cyclone. How far are natural disasters entirely natural...

May 18 2008 12:44PM
Burma - Cyclone Nargis

Slowly, much too slowly, it seems to be dawning on the Burmese junta that they must accept outside help to mount an effective relief effort and to save the lives of many thousands of people. We are not going to see an international...

May 8 2008 9:11PM
Moroccan navy unavailable for comment

Probably a good idea to be unavailable for comment. This one could take some explaining. The Moroccan navy is accused of killing at least 29 people including four children, by puncturing their boat. They were attempting to reach Spain...