December 2007 (3)
Dec 26 2007 3:00PM
Leaders above the law and corruption
It has been alleged that President Vladimir Putin of Russia has a secret fortune of £20 billion. It is not that easy to see why a person would need that much money but easy to see how a state could benefit its people with such an amoun...
Dec 18 2007 10:49PM
Remembering a massacre a century ago
Two things I have written about before in my blog – remembering history and using songs to send a political message. These come together in a report about a massacre that happened in Chile almost exactly a century ago. Daniela Estrada'...
Dec 18 2007 10:47PM
What about Darfur?
Of course I am glad to hear that Gillian Gibbons, the teacher who was imprisoned for the name given to a teddy bear, is on her way back home to Liverpool. It seems that when two Moslem parliamentarians from the UK negotiated with the S...