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February 2007 (5)
Feb 26 2007 2:18PM
Web chat with the UK Foreign Secretary

Why not put a question about human rights on the web chat with the UK Foreign Secretary? It was to take place on 21 Feb. 2007 but had to be postponed. A new date has not yet been fixed. I have put on a question but it would be good to...

Feb 8 2007 12:06PM
Festivals of Human Rights Films

A search on the internet comes up with many film festivals around the world on the theme of human rights. I wish that most of them were not so far away from me! It is probably easier to arrange such a festival in a major capital city...

Feb 8 2007 11:58AM
Asian Values

I have seen some discussion about Asian values and their relationship to human rights. The essence of the argument seems to be that in Asia the good of the group has to be given more weight and so the individual cannot be given so much...

Feb 8 2007 11:42AM
Dialogues on Human Rights

Have you ever written to a government about human rights and received no reply? If your experience has been anything like mine you very rarely get any reply and just have to guess whether your letter or e-mail has been taken seriously...

Feb 5 2007 9:01PM
Films I mean to see

When I go to the cinema I like to be transported to a different part of the world and to learn about what is happening. The local group of Amnesty put on the film "Shooting Dogs" about the Rwandan genocide recently but there are also...