July 2006 (7)
Jul 28 2006 5:27PM
Iran: Execution of a teenage girl

The film gave a picture of the life of a teenage girl in Iran who fell foul of the "moral police" several times and eventually was hanged at the age of 16. Atefah Salaaleh was killed on 15 August 2004 in the small Iranian town of Neka...

Jul 23 2006 6:22PM

I am often frustrated that I only very rarely receive any reply when I write or e-mail in support of Amnesty appeals. The Uzbekistan embassy in London on its website has at least given a reply in the form of an open letter, dated 22/07...

Jul 22 2006 6:34PM
Remembering a massacre

It is worth remembering history, especially the parts that some would like us to forget. Ten days before the start of the Olympic Games in Mexico in 1968 there was a massacre in Tlatelolco Square in Mexico City. The demonstrations were...

Jul 22 2006 4:16PM
Embassies in London

The Foreign Office of the UK government provided a useful list of embassies in London but that part of the website has gone. I have found another source listing foreign embassies in the UK.

Jul 18 2006 10:55PM
Denied asylum and look what happened.

Muhammad Osama Sayes, 30, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison in Syria, after being denied asylum in the UK. This was reported on page 6 in the latest issue of Amnesty Magazine. It cannot always be easy to decide who genuinely...

Jul 8 2006 6:46PM
No deal on illegal arms trade

No Deal on Illegal Gun TradeUNITED NATIONS, Jul 7 (IPS) - A major United Nations conference ended here Friday without agreeing on a document to push for stronger international efforts to curb the illegal trade in guns and other small...

Jul 8 2006 6:36PM
Execution in Saudi Arabia  

In campaigning for human rights we unfortunately have to learn of some terrible things that are done or threatened to be done to people. I recently heard of a threat of execution in Saudi Arabia with the first part of the process being...