October 2016 (3)
Oct 31 2016 1:43PM
The 200 best protest songs of all time
It’s a totally misleading title of course. This post should really be called something like “A List Of 200 Protest Songs That I’ve Been Able To Put Together In The Time Available, But That Also Only Comprises Songs That I Actually Like...
Oct 24 2016 4:14PM
Too much too young: the children of Aleppo
They say you can get used to anything if you have to, and maybe that’s true. But should you have to ? With something like the calamitous situation in Syria, people have had to get used to far too much, far too young. Farida, an obstetr...
Oct 17 2016 4:27PM
The refugee crisis as political narcissism
Such is the self-absorption of Britain with things that affect Britain, you could almost be forgiven for thinking the world’s refugee crisis is largely about who comes to this country. It’s all about Calais, isn’t it? The squalor of th...