June 2015 (9)
Jun 30 2015 3:19PM
Reaping, sowing, Courting: The Amnesty Magna Carta garden
It was probably a similar scorcher of a day back in June 1215 when some pushy barons gathered in the shade of a yew tree in Runneymede and, with King John, there signed a document which set out the principle that the ruler is subject t...
Jun 26 2015 4:34PM
Human rights news bites - 26 June
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Jun 22 2015 1:17PM
Dress code: no t-shirts (unless you want to go to jail)
Over the years I reckon we’ve all had our run-ins with dress code authoritarianism . Requirements to wear suits (“lounge suits”). Being told you’ve got to wear a shirt with a collar. Or a tie. The need to turn up in “smart” attire. Or...
Jun 19 2015 3:37PM
Human rights news bites - 19 June
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Jun 16 2015 5:17PM
Imagine if the International Olympic Committee spoke out on Azerbaijan
As the European Games opened in Baku on Friday with Lady Gaga belting out Imagine from behind a grand piano buried in foliage, it was impossible to know for sure how John Lennon would have felt about his iconic protest song being appro...
Jun 12 2015 4:26PM
Human rights news bites - 12 June
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Jun 10 2015 6:25PM
Azerbaijan won't let us in - what have they got to hide?
George Orwell could hardly have written it better himself. The email from the Azerbaijani embassy contained only three short paragraphs, but it said it all. By denying Amnesty International entry to Baku , the country’s government has...
Jun 5 2015 4:59PM
Human rights news bites - 1 June
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Jun 3 2015 2:15PM
Fighting war crime with war crime: murder in north-east Nigeria
A new report released by Amnesty today reveals a catalogue of wide scale horrors: including how more than 8,000 people have been murdered, starved, suffocated and tortured to death. Boko Haram, you may think? Not this time. This time,...